The Products Manufactured & Supplied from BAHRAIN:

  • Thermocouples – All typescutting1
  • RTD  ( Resistance  Temperature Detector )
  • Protection Sheaths for Thermocouple and RTD
  • Thermo wells
  • Disposable Temperature Paper Tips
  • Extension cables and Compensation cables
  • Portable Foundry Lance / Pyrometer
  • Temperature controllers & Indicators, Head Mount Transmitters, Digital Thermometers 
  •  Base Metal / Noble Metal Thermocouple Assembly
  • Special purpose Thermocouples & Thermowells
  • Metal & Ceramic Protection Tubes
  • Metal alloy Sheath type
  • Insulating Wires
  • Bare Wires
  • Connectors
  • Thermocouple Head

Industries: We have been supplying these products to the following Industries.

  • Aluminium Smelters ,
  • Aluminium Extrusion plants & Down stream Industries
  • Cement Plants 
  • Steel Industries & Foundries
  • Petro-Chemical Industries
  • Fertiliser / Gas plants etc 
  • Power Generation & Desalination plants
  • Metal coating / Galvanizing Industries … etc

Power Generation PlantsCutting3

  • Wheel Space Thermocouples 
  • Exhaust Thermocouples

Services - Advantages to GCC Customers:

  • Extensive stock of raw material is held for manufacturing of Thermocouples , RTDs etc Advantage:  We offer very competitive price to Customers.
  • Against annual contract, we can manufacture & stock the products. These can be delivered periodically against customer call off. Advantage:  Customer holds minimum inventory
  • Recycling of undamaged used parts such as Heads, Terminals, etc. Advantage:  Cost reduction and saving for Customers.
  • Being a local manufacturer, GTS can make faster delivery. Advantage: Customer’s Emergency requirements will be fulfilled.
  • Local Technical support by GTS. Advantage: Technical personnel are available to discuss temperature measuring problems, new applications and improvement.


Gulf Temperature Sensors W.L.L is a quality manufacturer of all types of industrial sensors for major industries worldwide.